Sunny Side Up Tan Spa, Ltd. was born in April of 1996
We are a Family Owned Tanning Salon.
We were one of the first to operate a tanning salon in both a professional and family oriented manner.

We chose to open as an independent salon where we would have 100% control of how we would operate rather than open as a chain salon where someone in another state would be telling you how to run your business never getting to know a single person, not even the people employed there, hence, making you just another number where your money is more important to them than you.

Our goal was to bring professionalism to the tanning industry while still maintaining the family atmosphere of a family owned business.

We strived to create a place where you would feel not only comfortable but welcome as well.
A place where you can relax from the stress of every day life.
A place where you are not just a number in a computer.
We are still family owned and operated to this day.
Trying our best to make all who visit us feel like family.

At present, we do not offer monthly unlimited package, the reason being, you will on average spend between two and three times as much to tan than you would normaly have spent in a year of tanning. Not to mention the fact that I personally do not like someone else having direct access to my checking account or credit card, it never seems to fail, minutes to set up, months to stop.
Until we can find a monthly compromise equally benificial to both the customer and business, we will continue to sell sessions and packages only.

We currently have many tanning options.
We have single sessions for various tanning times for each equipment type.
Packages / bulk minutes ranging from 50 to 1000 minute packages.
Our packages are up/down gradable so you are able to use a variety of equipment types.
Package expiration range from 2 years for smaller packages to 4 years for the largest packages.
We allow up to 5 people to share a tanning package.
Yesterday's future is today's present and will become tomorrow's past.
Our future is you.
ThankYou to all who are responsible for making us what we are today.
Without you, we would not be here today.
You Are Our Future.
Thank You
. And
Best Wishes for a Bright Future.
UV Tanning Equipment:

3 Levels of Tanning Beds

Hex II Standup Tanning Booth w/46 H.O. Smart Lamps

Sit Down Facial Tanner w/3 2000 watt H.P. Lamps

Classic Leg Tanner w/38 Lamps ( 12 min. max )
UV Prices

UV Prices

Front of UV Tanning Price Sheet
UV Prices

UV Prices

Back of UV Price Sheet

Thank You For Visiting Us

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